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Image by Jade Stephens

Hatha Vinyasa Flow

Instructor: Jennifer Lyddiard

Gentle stretches combined with stronger movement blended with the perfect mix of meditation will let you leave this class feeling worked out and wound down.

We have all levels in this class so if you're a newbie, please feel free to join!

Relax & Restore

Instructor: Jennifer Lyddiard

If you are ready to slowwllly draw down onto your mat with deep, unwinding stretches followed by a guided meditation, this, my friend, has your name on it. 

Yin comprises of our first 30 minutes.

Here we will settle into body opening stretching while we deeply breathe and focus within. 

Our second have will have you experience Yoga Nidra....think "sleep with trace awareness" as you are guided to connect with your body and breath. 

Downward Dog Pose

Wildful Flow

Instructor: Lauren Searson-Patrick

Wildful Flow is a power, vinyasa inspired yoga that is generally higher in intensity and designed to improve strength, flexibility, fitness and mindset. In these classes, you can expect to move, sweat and breathe as we move through the asanas. 

All levels of experience welcome.

Wildful Baby

Instructor: Lauren Searson-Patrick

Wildful Baby prenatal yoga is a practice designed to provide space and time to tune into the needs of your body, and of your rapidly growing baby (or babies!). These practices combine gentle stretching and strengthening, breath awareness, relaxation and meditation, all of which can help with labour preparation.

Bridge Pose
Pilates Ring

Mat Pilates

Instructor: Jennifer Lyddiard

Level up your physical fitness with this core focused class.

Legs and arms don't miss out and you will for sure feel the burn!

We use several props to bring variety and different options for every level.

Small Group
Strength Training

Instructor: Jennifer Lyddiard

We're not here to work your summer bikini body....this class is about creating strength, stability and mobility to allow us to be active with our kids, travel the globe with independence and live each year fitter and healthier. 

While we throw in a little bit of cardio, bodyweight and dumbbells are the star of this class.

Kneeling to Tie Shoe

1:1 & 2:1
Personal Training,
Mat Pilates & Yoga

Instructor: Jennifer Lyddiard

Classes may not be your thing and our schedules are so crazzzzy that maybe some individual time at the studio, just you and I or maybe you want to bring a friend along to keep you competitive!

Reformer & Barre
Group & Private 

Instructor: Jennifer Lyddiard


Pilates Workout
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