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Meet Our Practitioners

Here at the studio, we have several offerings to bring you under one, local, private and relaxing space.


Jennifer Lyddiard

Studio Owner
Aromatherapist, Personal Trainer, Yoga & Pilates Instructor, Natural Therapies Practitioner

Outside of raising 3 fun loving & patience challenging children here in Murrumbateman for the past 14 years, I adore that I have been able to create a safe haven for my community and those passing through to unwind and strengthen their mind and bodies. 

When you walk through these doors, no matter if it's a movement class or a holistic treatment, your needs are seen as unique. Our cosier sized classes allow space for you to not get lost in the crowd.

Our tucked away treatment rooms allow you to let go into the quiet, allowing your mind, body and spirit to feel nurtured and balanced. 

Because I began my fitness and wellness career at 18, that brings (takes a deep breath) 32 years of experience to each session we have. One thing I've seen over and over is that the body and mind and capable of amazing things if you commit to creating change.

This is the space where we help you do just that. 

Heart led, science supported, here for the journey and each magical moment of growth in your health along the way.

You're always welcome.


Nicole Cook

Pilates Instructor

Nicole has been involved in competitive sports for as long as she can remember. Initially being part of a swimming family before pursuing a career as an international taekwondo athlete.


She has a passion for helping others achieve their fitness & lifestyle goals and has been teaching kids, teens and adults from the age of 14. After retiring from her taekwondo career & entering the life of motherhood, she discovered her passion for Pilates before having her first child in 2019. She loved the idea of being able to move in a safe and healthy way through pregnancy whist also reaping the benefits through child birth & motherhood.


Nicole studied through the Pilates International Training Centre (PiTC) completing a Diploma in Professional Pilates Instruction in Matwork, Reformer and Studio. Her studies specialised in pre & post natal, rehabilitation and elite conditioning allowing her to cater to a broad and diverse range of clients in helping them to achieve their goals.

Nicole is a mother of two young children & also works at a local Canberra based consulting firm. She understands the challenges faced with modern day busy lives & loves helping people to create the space & time to focus on themselves.

She also offers private sessions. 


Lauren Fitzsimmons

Yass & Surrounds P.S.H. Therapy

Private Subconscious-mind Healing (P.S.H.) therapy is the gentle, private process of emotional healing made possible by our natural ability to let go of uncomfortable emotional responses that are no longer serving us.

This approach can support people to change unwanted emotions or behaviours by helping them to utilise their own natural ability to make change at a subconscious level where our brains process emotion. This occurs predominantly during REM sleep.

Clients come for assistance to solve problems or symptoms they are unable to change using conscious effort, or other conventional modalities they have accessed.


Vanessa Lovell

Artist, Intuitive, Healer, Guide

Hi there, lovely. I’m Nessa Lovell, and if you are ready to reclaim some magic and step into a more powerful version of you, then you are in for a RIDE. ALL of the work that I do - whether I am creating a Soul Medicine artwork or Energy Imprint for your home or workspace, conducting a reading or taking you on a journey back to yourself with my 1:1 Soul Creator Initiation or Belief Coding® sessions - come with a BIG dose of magic, wonder and transformation. How you choose to receive the power and gifts that I give to you, is up to you. If you need to go slowly, we can start with artworks and oils that work on a subtle, energetic level.


If you are ready to see some change, but have commitment issues we can start with a Soul Medicine Artwork, an Energy Imprint Package, or some 1:1 Belief Coding® sessions. If you are ready to jump right in and get things MOVING, if your soul is screaming out to be seen, acknowledged, loved and ON FIRE, if you have given to everyone else for so long that you don't know who you are anymore, but want to find her again - we can start with the glorious Reconnect & Ignite Package, or jump straight in to the incredible Soul Creator Initiation. We can absolutely work together online, so location is not an issue. I'm not here to be a sweet little artist with pretty paintings and a bit of woo-woo added. I'm here to launch you into whatever orbit you are longing to be in. I'm here to spread magic around the globe with powerful paintings and deep soul messages. I'm here to IGNITE my sisters who have lost themselves in their noisy lives. I want to see and rejoice in YOUR magic too. Want to get started? Book your Mini Soul Alchemy Call now, and we can work out how to spark you up.

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Lauren Searson-Patrick

Yoga Instructor & Author

I discovered yoga about 15 years ago when I tried my hand at what was, to me, an unknown practice in a local community hall. That single session started a relationship I didn’t realise I needed – with myself. The practise of bringing together my mind and body had, and continues to have, a profound impact on me physically, emotionally and spiritually.

My practice has fluctuated across those 15 years but I always found myself called back into a steady rhythm, and have consistently felt better and stronger for doing so. Over the last number of years, I have wanted to dive more deeply into yoga but it never felt like the right time (cue mention of work, kids and general life busyness). But the last two years or so, the yearning to be more ‘me’ just got louder – I wanted to be mindful of all the appropriate things, but I wanted to be more ‘wildful’ too. And so I started two things: writing and publishing novels, and yoga teacher training.

For me, yoga is about connecting with the fire within and extending that warmth to the world around us. Wherever you are on your own yoga and ‘wildful’ journey, I’ll meet you there.

Yoga Equipment


Yoga Instructor 

Bio coming soon!


Jo Shipley

Sixth Sense Healing

At Sixth Sense Healing, we believe in the healing power of energy and crystal healing vibrations. Our philosophy is centred around providing a safe and comfortable environment where our clients can rejuvenate their body and mind through earth energy healing, divine healing and crystal therapy.

The naturally occurring vibrations of crystals gently work through any physical and/or emotional issues to restore, repair and rebalance the body and soul. Crystal healing is perfect to restores the body's energy system and align the chakras. 
Energy healings identifies and repairs any unbalances found in the body energy system, repairing auric fields to rebalance the physical body. If you have ongoing issues and re-occurring patterns that just aren't shifting, then shamanic journeys can help to identify areas that need work and take a deeper energetic dive into stuck energies and emotional resistance blocks.

Each session is tailored to the individual and involve intuitive energy healing approaches.

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Are you a local natural therapies practitioner looking to hire our private space?

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