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Membership & Package Agreement



·  Balance Membership | 2 Classes / Week

·  Balance Membership | 3 Classes / Week

·  Sculpt Membership | 2 Classes / Week

·  Sculpt Membership | 3 Classes / Week

·  Blended Membership | 1 Balance & 1 Sculpt Class / Week

1. All Memberships operate on a 7 day autopay schedule from the credit card stored in Wix Business (a secure system). Payment will continue unless notified (see Termination Policy below).

2. Memberships will continue with scheduled autopay unless Gumtree Wellness & Movement is notified of a termination request in writing (see Termination Policy).

3. Memberships may be subject to price increase, but will be communicated in writing 4 weeks prior to any change.

4. On the third day of payment failing to process all booked classes will be cancelled and the Membership will be placed on hold. The failed Membership charge, plus any outstanding fees will be processed as a debit on the clients account which is to be balanced within 7 days or the account will be terminated.

8. Memberships have a minimum 10-week lock-in period.


1. The client must provide advice in writing no less than two weeks prior to taking a membership holiday. Advice can be provided either via email from an email address on file with us to, via mail, or delivered in person to: or 1 Colonial Place, Murrumbateman, NSW 2582

2. A maximum of six (6) weeks suspension applies per calendar year with a minimum of 1 week at a time.


1. To terminate this Agreement, please email, mail, or deliver a signed and dated notice that states that you are terminating this Agreement, or words of similar effect. Please send the Termination Notice either via email from an email address on file with us to, via mail, or delivered in person to: or 1 Colonial Place, Murrumbateman, NSW 2582

2. If you relocate more than a 40km radius from Gumtree Wellness & Movement during the Term of this Agreement, you may terminate this Agreement. Please provide the Termination Notice at the earliest possible time.

3. If you die or become permanently disabled you or your estate may terminate this Agreement. For permanent disability any prepaid dues will be refunded and no termination fee will be charged.

4. Gumtree Wellness & Movement may terminate a membership without notice for inappropriate, offensive or illegal behaviour, as determined by us, which occurs on our premises or is directed at our staff or other members. 




·  1 Casual Visit | Balance Class

·  5 Class Pack | Balance Classes

·  10 Class Pack | Balance Classes 

·  1 Casual Visit | Sculpt Class

·  5 Class Pack | Sculpt Classes

·  10 Class Pack | Sculpt Classes 

1. Payment must be made prior to booking. To book into a class you must either have pre-purchased sessions in your account or pay at the time of booking in the studio.

2. The payment price outlined is exclusive of GST. Credit card payments may attract additional fees. Any subsequent changes to the payment price will not affect the validity of this Agreement.

3. 5 class packages are valid for 2-months from purchase date.10 class packages are valid for 4-months from purchase date. Single casual visits are valid for 1-month from purchase date.

4. Sessions are non-refundable, can be extended if you are injured or unwell, in which case we will request a medical certificate. Extensions due to medical reasons must be requested before the expiry date.

5. All classes, memberships and packages cannot be transferred to another client, non-refundable, cannot be extended for any reason excluding illness or injury that states exercise is not permitted for a significant time period via a medical certificate emailed to prior to the expiry of the package.

6. Classes, fees, instructors, terms and conditions are subject to change. We will always give you as much notice as possible.

Thank you for taking the time to understand our Membership & Package Agreement.

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