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Anti-Ageing Facial

Combining Chinese Medicine with modern technology, this anti-ageing treatment reduce wrinkles, increase collagen as well as lifts and tightens your neck and facial muscles.

The current and muscle specific techniques safely brings back a glow and can even provide differences in just one session. 

We are all snowflakes - our internal and external health are so diverse that have the perfect answer on how many treatments you need will vary.

Which is so great that you have options!

6 and 12 treatment options are available meaning you can come up to 3 times a week and saving any extra sessions for follow-ups. 

We recommend 2-3 sessions a week and then a follow up every month. 

We highly recommend the supplement and skincare package to further allow your investment to do it's best! 

Changes can be seen in just one treatment!

Photo 16-2-21, 4 32 44 pm.jpg
Photo 16-2-21, 2 41 57 pm.jpg
Photo 16-2-21, 4 32 04 pm.jpg
Photo 4-4-21, 1 51 49 pm.jpg
Photo 4-4-21, 12 58 45 pm.jpg
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