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Flow Into Fall

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As the Autumn season moves our way, we can learn about how this time of year can help understand why our mood, emotions and body can feel different and ways to make these few months flow with more ease and vitality. Autumn is the season of Metal in Eastern theology. A precious substance found deep within the earth, the issues and opportunities it mirrors within us are our core ones: questions of identity, purpose, and self-worth. To reveal those inner riches, to let our luminosity come forth, we must investigate & clear away the habits of mind and body that no longer serve us. Just as the trees drop their leaves in the Fall, we also need to release what has died within us to make space for the next cycle of growth. It's a time of year to begin to move inward and to let go. One quality of balanced Metal energy is the ability to move with grace, and resilience through the grief that comes from loss. We neither overly identify with it, nor are we numb to it. The wisdom of the Metal element, and of fall, guides us to balance our routines with spontaneity and our solitude with connection. It reminds us to sweep away the clutter that hides who we are, the debris that stills the fresh air of inspiration, so that you may see what next wants to be born within you. This 4 week course will allow you to move through 4 yoga classes per week....2 Hatha Vinyasa Flow, 1 Yin and 1 Yoga Nidra. During this season we tune into the Lungs and Large intestine and these practices will focus on those areas, creating a clearer flow and healthier function. You'll also receive a recipe book that helps you create meals with Metal element food as its foundation. Let this time of year be nourishing, inspiring and helpful as you create connection to yourself, as you let go of what doesn't serve and allow in the space of new breath and clarity.

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