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Fitness Training



Let's find the perfect way to help your body move


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Term Group Classes



Let's find the perfect way to help your mind and body unwind, relax and restore

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Aromatherapy Raindrop Massage

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Hot Raindrop

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Microcurrent Facial


Infrared Sauna

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Aroma Dome

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Aromatherapy Consult

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More About Jennifer

Aromatherapist, Raindrop Technique Practitioner & Trainer, Microcurrent Specialist, Yoga Practitioner, Fitness and PT instructor
& most important, one really dang grateful woman!

I always tell people that if someone came knocking on my door and told me I had to leave Australia, you'd find my claw marks left behind all the way to the plane. 

From a city girl to a country loving lady, not one day goes by that I am not grateful to call Murrumbateman home. 

12 years and counting and I swear it's been one of the best choices for our family that we could have ever made.

The view, the open air, the people. 

Oh and the wineries. 

It makes it easy for this introvert to happily live her days working just yards away from home. 

My studio is a safe haven for you to walk into, sit down, unwind and find some space to find that deserved quiet. 

My own journey has helped me stay connected to the needs of those I work with and continues to enlighten me to new therapies that heal and bring a new level of living life to the fullest. 

And you do you boo - I'm here to help create and cultivate the perfect path to your wellness because we are all SO different! 

You'll find some options through this site but you and I can hang, chat and uncover what is just the right fit for you. 


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