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One authentic space for your mind and body. 

Murrumbateman’s boutique studio offering mat & reformer pilates, yoga, strength training and wellness treatments for your unique needs.
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Community Connection Murrumbateman

Community Connection

Strength & Mobility Murrumbateman

Strength & Mobility

Mental Health Murrumbateman

Mood Boosting

Stress Relief Murrumbateman

Stress Relief

Gumtree Wellness & Movement Studio is a safe haven to move through your wellness journey as your authentic self.

We accept the ebbs and flows of life, and understand that health is a non-linear continuum. So no matter where you are in story, you can trust that this is a space to connect, move and nurture - with yourself and a community.

Our Services


1:1 Private Training

Private training with tailored workouts and individualised support.

These personal training sessions are perfect for those who want to work with their own schedule. This is one authentic space for your mind and body.

Relaxing Massage


Take a break and nurture the soul with our rejuvenating wellness treatments.

From soothing massages to refreshing facials, invigorating cupping, and detoxifying infrared sauna sessions, we offer a holistic approach to revitalisation.

Pilates Class


A variety of movement classes guided by professionals, designed with longevity in mind.

From mat pilates to dynamic reformer workouts, yoga practices to strength training, we welcome friends of all levels who want to improve their strength, mobility and balance.


Essential Oils

Shop our carefully selected essential oils, as well as home and health products, that are of the highest quality and are distilled to ensure maximum benefits.

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Secure your sessions effortlessly with our Gumtree Wellness app. It includes the timetables, class descriptions, wellness treatments, online courses, upcoming events, and so much more.

Wellness treatments can be booked via the website or app. Use the code TSS16A to find us on the app.



Bookings made easy.

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Gift Cards

Online Courses


Give the gift of self-love with our wellness gift cards. Perfect for any occasion, you can now treat your loved ones to an experience of relaxation and rejuvenation.

Our practitioners and therapists bring their own unique qualities to the studio. Collectively, they are all dedicated to helping people in everyday life.

From the comfort of your own home, discover inner balance, flexibility, and strength with our online courses. Crafted with care, packed with knowledge.

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