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Pressure Point Massage

Learn Raindrop Technique For Friends & Family

Imagine having the knowledge and training to help support the entire mind and body, from the cellular level all the way to the energetic space that surrounds, for everyone you care about. 

Raindrop Technique is just that tool. 
Using the combination of aromatherapy, Reflexology, ancient Native American & Egyptian traditions as well as modern massage, this modality is nurturing, powerful and transformative. 
This E-course will take you through safety, table set up, demonstrations on each of the moves and much more. 
While this is not a course to certify you as a practitioner, you will have a good foundation if you decide to join our qualified family. 

A Beginner's Guide To Aromatherapy

I'm here to show you just how easily you can begin using essential oils in all moments in your day, for yourself and those around you. In this E-course,
I'll walk you through all the things you need to get started:

*how to make a roller & use your diffuser


*oils for babies, pets & in the kitchen

*20 different oils and their therapeutic uses

*oils to use for anxiety, sleep, focus, immunity & pain

*where to apply for specific issues

*tons of diffuser and roller recipes.....and more!

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Reading a Book

Absolute Will
Book Collaboration 

You are not alone. 
That's the thread of all 21 stories (including mine!) in this inspirational book collaboration from
women around the globe. 

Experiences of loss, trauma, tragedy, health issues and all the hard things that we sometimes think only we feel...shared with vulnerability and truth, mixed with inspiration and authenticity. 

Young Living

Pursuing wellness.
Chasing freedom.
Building community.
Everyones road to finding answers to their health goals starts differently. 

Mine? I needed to calm the farm, easy my sky-high anxiousness and finally find some sound snoozes. 
Those answers came and saved my day, my health and now it's my mission to help you with yours. 

Let's get you feeling your best, ditching the toxins and being the most informed and educated gatekeeper of your home and health!

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