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Anecdotal Meets Research

Years and years ago, we were able to talk anecdotally about essential oils. For instance, we would share stories about how Lavender is calming and can help you sleep soundly.

But, my friends...times have changed and the wonderful world of science shared tons of evidence on they chemically do their job.

Scientific data to help us unpack an essential oil and understand how each chemical constituent works on the mind and body.

Lavender consists of Linalyl Acetate which gets rid of unwanted organisms as well as Terpinen that reduces inflammation and works on healthy tissues.

Each plant can have up to hundreds of constituents which have determined outcomes on any living creature.

PubMed and Google Scholar can be your need to know all chemistry research tool.

Human, horse, dog, cat, livestock and wild creatures.

All can wonderfully benefit when used safely and with a respectful understanding.