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Quality Matters - How To Know If Your Bottle Is A Good One

So how do you know if you have the real deal, squeaky clean, just the plant, thanks, essential oil?

Here are few tips on making sure you don’t grab yourself a bottle full of fillers.

🌿You get what you pay for. If it’s cheap and it comes in a big bottle, I am going to say that’s a bogus. Put the bottle down and run, don’t walk away from it.

🌿Do they give the Latin name of the plant on the bottle?

🌿Does it specify it as an essential oil? If it doesn’t it may just be a perfumed oil and will not have any of the therapeutic properties.

🌿It should be in an amber glass and stored away from the heat. All you oil burners out there, here’s a truth bomb. There are zilch good things that are going to happen to you when you burn an oil. And possible some negative ones if you are burning a cheap one. Heat degrades any therapeutic benefits.

🌿Place a few drops of the oil into a small container of water. The oil should float on top of the water. If it mixes with the water, it’s not pure oil.

🌿Does it smell like alcohol? Nope, not the good stuff.

🌿If the label says “do not take internally” there is another red flag.

🌿If the label says “do not use topically” that bad boy is for sure going to mess up your system.

🌿Is there an expiration date? Toss it – pure essential oils don’t expire when taken care of properly.

And here is the BIGGIE!

🌿Check out the company. Can you go visit their farms? Do they actually HAVE a farm? Or are they all top secret like and call it “proprietary info? “

I’ve been to the farm where so many of my oils grow. I’ve met the farmers and even dug my hands in the dirt and planted some Clary Sage. I’ve seen the labs where they research and study quality and met the head of R & D (who I not so secretly get all doughy eyed over).

Quality matters and so does your health.

A little bit of research can make all of the difference! And I’ve done a ton, so always feel free to send me your questions 🌿