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Changing the health of humans and horses through plant based therapy

Essential Oils used for Raindrop Technique


Our unique Raindrop Technique sessions treat all the senses with a relaxing, gentle massage using essential oils that focuses on the entire back, neck and reflex points on the feet. It targets keeping the spine, muscles and immune system healthy, reducing fatigue and purifying the body from the inside out. Each session uses up to 140 drops of essential oils using reflexology and light massage.

When targeting a specific issue, it's recommended to receive a Raindrop once a week for 2 months to help the body fully recover and restore.


Vita Flex Technique means "vitality through the reflexes".  This component is extremely effective at helping the body uptake the 9 different essential oils that are used as they delivery their benefits throughout the body. It uses a rolling and release motion that is both gentle and relaxing.

Essential Oils and raindrop technique
Raindrop technique massage and relaxation


During this technique of Raindrop, oils are dropped from about 15cm off the body and gently spread over the spine and back area, covering several organs. They are lightly massaged into the body with a variety of repeated motions.


Equine Raindrop Technique can help address the emotional wellbeing of the horse and assist in releasing negative traumas and training issues.

It can help combat occasional sore backs and muscles, and muscle spasms before and after riding or competition. 

Sessions can support healthy immunity which is critical during shipping and competition as well as assist with the release of negative internal build-up on a cellular level. 

Jennifer Lyddiard equine raindrop practitioner
Natural foliage


Owning your story is the bravest

thing you will ever do....Brene Brown

*From David, a first responder diagnosed with PTSD*

My emotional state was feeling depressed, withdrawing from work, very anxious, not clear in the mind, mind fog, disbelief in myself, my sleep was disturbed with lots of intermittent awakenings plus nightmares.

Have you been diagnosed with any conditions?

Currently I am diagnosed and medicated for anxiety and PTSD.

Did you see a change in your mental health during your 4 Raindrop sessions?

Yes. Firstly after the first Raindrop session, I would feel moments of being in the present which I had not felt for a while. As the sessions went by, I would suddenly feel very less anxious, more alert, more confident, more belief in myself, less sad, more energy, clearer in the head, feeling a feeling of general well being and most importantly as the sessions went by my anxiety free periods would be longer in duration. Till this day, I still remember the times I walked out of therapy, with little or no anxiety and the feeling I felt was amazing, living in the moment, strong and this would last up to a week post 4 sessions.

Can you please describe what those changes have been?

The anxiety that I had, would be relieved by being able to live the moment. Less paranoia and a general well being feeling. When I would go to work, I actually felt like I looked forward going to work, and I felt that " I've got this " and would be confident in what I do. My wife has said I am more observant and better at home. She would remark how much better generally I was and less anxious.

Do you feel your diagnosed conditions have had some relief? 

Definitely. My anxiety 100% has been relieved and decreased. My paranoia is also reduced. My PTSD post 4th session was reduced dramatically and will be re attending for maintenance of my condition. I believe this prevented my condition getting worse. 
A feeling of happiness and clarity in life has become which was not there before, post hospital till now. I felt my post hospitalization trauma has been lingering for years, but even my psychologist has said and agrees that since I have had this aroma and oils treatment, had been healed dramatically, and till this day I still feel relief from the treatment I received.

Would you recommend Raindrop Technique and/or Aromatherapy to others?

Absolutely. I was a skeptic, did not believe this would work, but I was wrong. I knew I needed help and because of my wife, she pushed me into this trial and miraculously it decreased and to some degree healed my anxiety. Once the 4th treatment was complete, I felt amazing honestly and a general well-being had begun which I haven't felt in years. I will continue with this treatment as a true believer and I recommend anyone with PTSD or anxiety related disorders to trial this as I did and I hope like me, you will be amazed with the results.


*Mrs. M - wife of a client*

No joke, Raindrop Technique with Jen changed our lives!! My husband was diagnosed with PTSD and suffered form anxiety. Session after session, we just kept seeing results. 4 sessions in and I have a happier, more present, and patient husband. Forever grateful.


In the beginning I honestly thought the whole essential oil claims was a load of B.S!

I learnt very quickly that I was so wrong.

I am a newbie and have only been part of this community for about two months.
I have CPTSD and spinal injuries that have been managed with hiding from the world and huge amounts of medication and lots of poking and prodding.

I hate needles but injections into my spine and head, at least four times a year, have become part of my routine.
Since being introduced to 'aromatherapy' I have had the following positive outcomes:
- PTSD much calmer, hypervigilance reduced
- Sleep, I’m actually getting some and my mood is better. Reduced amount of nightmares and less intense.
- Pain, I was due to get my injections when I started but the oils have help reduce the pain significantly so I’ve held off
- Headaches/migraines, less of them and reduced intensity.