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Aromatherapist & Raindrop Technique Practitioner

Jennifer Lyddiard Aromatherapist Gumtree Wellness

Hey there and welcome - I'm Jennifer.

Born and raised on the east coast of America, I moved to Australia in 2002 after meeting my husband in a pub and on a rugby tour. 3 kids, 3 dogs, a cat and few chickens, my roots have been planted in Murrumbateman,  NSW for over 9 years.  It's no coincidence that I ended up in "cool climate wine country" as I enjoy keeping the local wineries in business. 

After years of looking for something, anything to help my son with his diagnosed Autism, essential oils offered the first real sign of hope. 

Little by little, plant by plant, I discovered how I could not only help Max, but also find what worked for my own anxiety which stemmed on PTSD. I became a better Mum, wife and all around human once I found something that finally worked on all of my racing thoughts that pretty much looked like drunk acrobats in high heels. 

Years of pharmaceutical industry experience allowed for my knowledge on how to research the libraries of clinical evidence on essential oils and the way they provide physical and emotional healing.

Mind blown.

The rest has been a beautiful journey to building a career to help others have the knowledge and chance to do the same. To begin to live a life of peace, clarity, resilience and vitality. 

Here are my qualifications:

+certified and licensed Aromatherapist
ACOA DIP (m. aroma)

+licensed Raindrop Technique Practitioner

+certified Friends and Family Raindrop Technique Instructor

+cert III in Drug & Alcohol studies

Coming soon:

+certified Raindrop Technique Masterclass Instructor by mid 2020

+certified Equine Raindrop Technique Practitioner 

As a wife of a 20-year first responder,  I have a strong focus on helping his colleagues and

members of defence struggling with PTSD (active and retired are most welcome).