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Cupping therapy is one of the oldest and most effective method of releasing the toxins from body tissue and organs.
It is also known as vacuum cupping, hijama cupping, horn treatment etc.
This practice puts special cups on the skin to create suction. 

Usually beginning with lighter holds and then moving to stronger.

Cups are glided along specific parts of the body to unclog and release tension.
This causes the tissue beneath the cup to be drawn up and swell causing increase in blood flow to affected area.
Enhanced blood flow under the cups draws impurities and toxins away from the nearby tissues and organs towards the surface for elimination.

Benefits of Cupping

  • Release scar tissue and fascial adhesions.

  • Reduce painful trigger points.

  • Improve circulation, blood and lymph circulation.

  • Relieve pain.

  • Promote mobility and range of motion.

  • Improves mature scars.

  • Decrease toxins.


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